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So, some of you know the back story with Abby, so I won't recount it all - but anyway, she's still on a metric ton of medication, and we're still struggling with a lot.

Currently, she's on:

10mg Zyprexa
100mg Zoloft
40mg Strattera
100mg Lamictal

plus all the vitamins, etc.  Like I said, a ton.  Eating wise, she's doing GREAT.  (On that amount of Zyprexa, it's hard to keep food in the house!)

Her OCD is off the hook again though.  She's driving me CRAZY.  Mostly it's orderliness that rings her bell, and so I live in a house that is cleaned top to bottom all the time (by her, not ME! Heavens, you think I have time for that crap?!)

Despite the medications, and therapy, and everything else I've tried, she still have crippling anxiety, and OCD.  So the psychiatrist decided to have a look at what's going on, and ordered some testing to see how she metabolizes drugs.

Well that was freaking illuminating!  Just got the results back.  She's an "ultra fast metabolizer" of pretty much everything we could try, have tried, and are trying.  She a "fast metabolizer" of quite a few other drugs as well.  She got a few normal results, but the neuropathways that were normal aren't ones usually associated with antidepressents, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotics.

Which kind of explains how she managed to escape ERC twice on enough benzo's to knock out a herd of elephants.

If anyone wants to see what this report looks like (it's truly facinating) I'm willing to photoshop out my kids personal information and leave the charts.  It's a truly awesome test.
Here, I went ahead and did it. 

I had to put it in my Dropbox it was too big to attach, I promise, it's legit, lol

WOW! This is fascinating, Sam. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I may ask my d's psychiatrist if he thinks it would be worth ordering this same test for dd. She has had from mild to horrible reactions on EVERY medication available for ADHD treatment.

Amphetamines: she was on the ground giggling with her eyes unfocused saying that her head was floating off. The next day she passed out at school. ALL of this on the lowest dose that you can take.

Stimulants: Severe migraines, nausea, stomach pain, heavy body.

Strattera (non-stimulant): BP shot up to 140/90 2 hours after taking it.

She is supposed to have her wisdom teeth out. I think it would be really important to find out which medications her body does not process well.

P.S. Did your insurance cover it or did you have to pay? Is it a blood test?
21 year old daughter who was DX with RAN at 9 years old. The work of recovery is ongoing. 
This was actually NOT a blood test.  This was a cheek swab type of thing.  It's an independent company that does the testing, and I don't know how much the testing was, because the insurance covered it (Medicaid patients NEVER see a bill, so I haven't got a CLUE what it cost, but my guess is, it was cheaper than possibly having to send her back to ERC, lol).  I can find out more about it - it was something that the doctor brought up as "being something new they were trying with patients who didn't respond well".  It was a "pharmacogenetics test".  

I googled it to see what came up, and here's the wiki about these types of test. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharmacogenetics

Interesting reading.  And yes, I would think that for kids like Abby, and possibly kids like your daughter who have weird freaking reactions to drugs, this could be an eye opener.  This test sure as heck opened my eyes a bit, and should prove helpful in figuring out the next step.  Obviously, not being a doctor, I don't know what meds work on what neural pathways, so I don't know what Abby's psychiatrist will choose to do with this information, but it certainly couldn't hurt, and it was non-invasive to have the test done.
I think this is the lab that you used. Seems highly qualified with lots of certifications, etc.

21 year old daughter who was DX with RAN at 9 years old. The work of recovery is ongoing. 
Just adding that we had this test done recently. Only wish we had sooner... Our daughter is an ultra rapid metabolizer of several medications that she was on for a long time (zoloft for one)  and it also showed that she is deficient in l-methyfolate (MTHFR) - I call it mother f'er slips off the tongue much easier,  

Very worthwhile to have done if your child if you have tried different meds and not really seeing results.  Also the results are applicable to ANY medication, so useful to know if she needed medication for anything else in the future, we can make sure it's not one that will be in that group.
Megan Mom to daughter age 14, dx ED NOS age 10.  First period last month finally. ED behaviors not much improved.. still growing and still needs more weight on
Really appreciated your post and the responses!  Our family did the 23 and me thing and I came back a slow metabolizer of caffeine while my daughter is a fast metabolizer.  It never occurred to me until reading your post just now that it's possible she is a fast metabolizer of everything or at least several meds which would possibly explain the higher doses she needs - in other words she burns through a dose and then crashes later in the day.  Yet I'm curious that perhaps what is needed is spread out during the day doses to even out the supply in her system?  The other thing this has brought up for me is as a slow metabolizer perhaps my need for lower doses (than normal) of medications and even anaesthesia stems from this genetic difference.  I haven't visited 23andme for awhile but I think I will and will pose this question but also take a look at our updated reports.  Thank you!
My daughter and I both just had genetic testing done.  I suffer from depression and she had her first bout of depression at an early age.  Found some very interesting results.  I now know why caffeine has no effect on either of us (ultra fast metabolizers), why we both vomit on any kind of narcotics (poor metabolizers).  It did help us choose a different antidepressant that has made a huge difference for both of us.  The new one is simply the active form of one we were already on so you would not necessarily think it would make much difference but it really has.  If you have the opportunity to do the testing, it can help take some of the guess work out of what antidepressant to choose.
Sam, thanks for posting this - fascinating and I'm wondering whether we can get it done in or from the UK.
Thanks, SamHeinous.

That's really interesting.  Seems like information that would be useful for anyone who takes meds, which is almost everyone!

D in and out of EDNOS since age 8. dx RAN 2013. WR Aug '14. Graduated FBT June 2015 at 18 yrs old. [thumb]