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D told me this morning that last night she couldn't get to sleep as she felt hot - yes, more night sweats - and she felt that her heart was acting up strangely in her chest. Apparently, she used her smartphone to measure her heart rate several times and the readings varied between high-60s to high-70s. Usually, her resting heart rate is mid-50s, or at least has been for a while since developing AN.

Recently, she's began to eat more and stopped restricting (leading to 2 binges... but luckily no purging... and they seem to have stopped, which is good). She told me that she went downstairs around midnight and had a glass of squash and some nuts and it felt a bit better (which I'm proud of as I'm pretty sure she would have had to fight off some pretty strong ED voices in her head alone).

However, I'm really concerned about what she told me. I remember my dad suffered similarly when he was a growing teen (sweating, funny heart beat) - however, that was because he was short of food and nutrition in China. I also occassionally get it - but for me, it's very rare... it's only happened 2 or 3 ever since we moved to England around 11 years ago.

Does anyone have any possible explanations? Should we go check up with a GP?
One should always err on the side of caution and a check up would be fine. What she describes sounds very much like anxiety and it is not uncommon for our kids to have somatic worries. If her pulse was 60 - 70 that's excellent. Comfort, calming, reassuring measures can help. My d developed many physical worries and discomforts like TMJ, night sweats chest pain aches and pains etc. all checked out by doctors. At one point a TMJ specialist reccommended $1000s of dollars of treatment. This problem has since just went away( no treatment). The physical pain of fear and anxiety can be very overwhelming. We have a responsibility to seek sound medical advice to be sure nothing is missed just beware of the power of fear. I hope that helps. .
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As Ern said, there's no harm in having this checked out. The night sweats are very common once her metabolism speeds up and will get better with time. The funny feeling in her chest is not necessarily normal and if it were me, I'd take her in to see someone today.  We went once to ER and once to Urgent Care with similar symptoms.  Both EKGs were fine but thankfully - made me feel better to go and have it looked at. 
We are not medical professionals and are unable to give medical advice on this forum so, while it might well be a symptom of a panic attack or metabolism picking up, the only person who is qualified to make that decision is your doctor.
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I think you should go see the doctor. WE are great on advice for lots but not medical. Thinking of you!
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