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Cazerella Show full post »
Good grief, it's a tough time that you're all having but we are all there with you in spirit. My only experience with camhs nurses has been really positive. They've all been lovely so hoping your bank nurses are too. Some reassurance in there regarding the vomiting in a way. Wishing you all the best. As the food goes in and weight goes on it will eventually get better x
Hi Cazerella - It sounds like your d is getting the care she needs, which is of course the first step.  So they agree she needs to regain the weight she has lost?  Have they told you what increase they are aiming for?  I'm so sorry you d needs to be in hospital right now, but I hope it gives you a chance to catch up on sleep and build up your reserves as your d needs you to be as strong as possible.  Do they know how long she will have the NJ tube?

I'm so sorry to be full of questions.  I think often the young patients get kind nurses who treat them well, and I certainly hope that will be true for your precious d. 

If at all possible, I hope you will encourage your d to keep eating some by mouth even with the NJ tube, and if that is not possible, it seems to help to maintain whatever exposure to regular food as you are able.  She can surely have food presented to see and smell and I think be encouraged to taste even if she is not actually eating by mouth. 

To be honest, I am a little skeptical about this recent diagnosis because it sounds very rare and somewhat controversial that the condition is even a real thing.  So I am optimistic that it will resolve with weight gain and reinstatement of the expected fat stores.  And I am pleased that in either case (AN or this other diagnosis) that the first step is weight gain.  So I suggest that you focus on the weight gain and providing whatever comfort to your d as you may be able.  And, as I said, in making sure you are catching up on your sleep and generally attending to your own wellbeing so that you will be in a good frame to assist your d.  Your d is lucky to have a mum with medical training as that will (hopefully) give you some credibility in their eyes and also I'm sure some good practical experience in providing care for your d.

I think this will work out.  I will keep you and your d in my thoughts. xx


"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
I hope that you can get some rest soon. Glad that she is being monitored well, and all possibilities are being looked at too. Team focus on the weight gain is a positive sign.
Look after yourself x
Hi Cazarella. My son was thankfully only in for one day then discharged for CAMHs the next day. Working for the NHS I did lots of research and spoke to the NHS GG&C eating disorder team and they were brilliant. I work for NHS GG&C but we come under NHS Lanarkshire. I wished we were in Glasgow as their services are so much better.
Wishing you all the best. X