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Pingu Show full post »
Hi Tina xx

I’m ok tbh .. I had some of my staples out but the wound hasn’t totally healed somneed to leave about half in until next week Then they will be out too.
I’m very stiff and my left knee is a bit dodgy but thank god for work insurance.
My issue and im sure other have it is fitting everything in- so what I mean is the IP unit wants to do fbt. And family meals- I have to take her for a bone scan as well as the dentist Cos she’s in the middle of ortho treatment. So I’m trying to make all these appointments while I’m off Cos I don’t want to go back to work after 3 months off and have to take more time. Problem is she’s an hour drive away and I’m pooped by the time I’ve done the round trip and shouldn’t really be doing it but what choice so I have??
I don’t get days off in the week and the unit tends to think that you can just take time off whenever anyway that’s me
How are you ? How’s it going xxx
Hi Pingu,
I am a bit tired, I worked in the garden with hubby the whole morning [wink].
Hope he is coming in for afternoon snack soon (we are doing it although my d is at University today, isn´t that crazy?).
Great to hear that your back is fixed!
Try to have not too many appointments in one week so you can breath through in between.
Have you spoken to her recently? When can you see her?
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
I speak to her every night and can see her once during the week and atvweekend sonthats good
I share it with her dad Cos we’re divorced
She’s been really honest and said that she was gonna cancel a visit Cos she wasn’t feeling it- she’s Berlinger mood swings and depression so I said I really appreciated her honesty and that it was ok if she was feeling down
She’s on fluexetine at the moment but she’s not sleeping on it so at cpa meeting Monday I think they’re looking at a different anti depressant
Dad struggles Cos he can’t accept she has MH so he makes that clear.
She’s enjoying the IP unit- she’s made friends and it is a lovely setting. She has her own en suite so it’s like boarding school . That takes the anxiety away tbh
She’s 88’7% weight restored but the hard work starts at discharge so I’m ok with things at the minute .
It’s amazing how we get into eating plan routines too 😃
It’s a very mad world but I’m feeling ok at the moment -i can’t change things so I’m gonna relax and go with the flow til I need to step in and take over
I’m just worried about school Cos it’s a crucial school year
Try to calm down about school. When my d went IP she was in the penultimate year before A level (Abitur here). All grades already counting for A levels... She was not in school for 4 months and the head teacher did not know her and wanted her to not come back to the same class. My d said she will not return to school if she cannot go to the same class. Her main teacher (which was great) told the head teacher that she is gifted and that she will get that.
She graduated this year without any problems and was the best student of the year at her school.

Most AN kids are highly intelligent or even gifted. So I would expect that she can go on with school after some transition time. Maybe she needs to repeat this class (in worst case). So what? She will get that all and have a good result than.
Nothing is important at the moment besides her health. School comes later and I am quite sure she will get that.

So please try to do the relaxing and prepare yourself to take over. That is battle one. School will be battle two and this comes later.

Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh I know that about school tina but like you say they are often gifted which my d is. Getting back to school is her main goal so it’s just tagging along behind at the moment.
It’s a huge part of her identity so will have to just go with the flow
No advice for you Pingu. You are far wiser than I. You did something really nice for me today and you are appreciated.
Warm hugs ziggy xxxxxx
So if she is also gifted you will get no problems with the learning stuff but just with supervising lunch at school [wink].
If she wants to go you have an excellent incentive to use! My d did not want to go to school at all in the dark days so I could not use that for incentive ;(.

Hubby is still suffering from lumbago. Any tips?

Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Warm bath perhaps though when I had surgery the physio Rec ice brrrr
It’s freezing here I hate the cold xx