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Hi All,

This very helpful page on the feast website was put together by our wonderful FEAST volunteers and has a list of resources you may be interested in reading.


Thank you for posting this link.

We are 2 years into our recovery journey and there is a part of me that is so angry that NO ONE at the start of this journey gave me a list like this.

Much of what we have done and are doing is the result of a lot of zig zagging of reading, trial and error and lots of tears. Even though we started out on the path at a Children's Hospital with and ED program AND attended very expensive private ED practice that said they practiced FBT, but honestly didn't. The sceptic in me thinks they just wanted to keep us on the hamster wheel.

In hindsight I can see so may opportunities where any one of the professionals we have come in contact with could have said, "Read this. This is what you need to do". So thank you for posting this link and thank you for this forum.
D fell down the rabbit hole of AN at age 11 after difficulty swallowing followed by rapid weight loss. Progressing well through recovery, but still climbing our way out of the hole.
Yes agree totally with you Barberton
whilst I wasted precious time in a blur of confusion, worry, fear and utter despair topped off with no sleep through the stress of knowing something was terribly wrong with my d but no one else seemed to notice (GP)

i was maniacally reading this forum trying to take on all the advice and ideas, all the while my d growing to despise ME for forcing all this food down her throat (with NO professional guidance)
which in turn only made her purge and lie (hiding weights in her shoes unbeknownst to me until recently) and not waiting to get away from us to successfully loose all that damn weight I had got on her!!
 All that bloody cooking and shopping, supervising tears and heartache 

jeez!! When I think back 

so yes thankyou Kali and all the volunteers  amazing list!

but can I just say to any newcombers which wasn’t actually said/adviced to me I was told “you can do this”, “you don’t need professionals”


beg your GP if need be
our GP never mentioned this or  checked the scale or anything really 

I mean early intervention is SO much better and many professionals as well as parents/carers know this 

by the time we got professional help my d ED is so ingrained in her ED it’s scarey and it’s now costing us a fortune to get her right 🙁

i agree we do much of it at home BUT with guidance from a professional would be advisable, so as a parent you have back up against the ED, I think it’s very hard on your own if your kids ED is very strong 

now my d an adult we are not included and this makes things even more difficult 

she is doing well BUT honestly I do wish we were referred immediately to ED services

ive seen many come and go to her clinic (many we advised to get straight there because of our experience I urged the parents to not waste any time) and they have not needed the level of intervention my d is requiring and yes it makes me angry and sad for what she’s lost and the struggle she faces daily 

I am grateful for where she is now though and looking back to the hell shes been through I am so freaking proud of her but also have so many feelings of frustration too 

ranting now I think sorry 

anyways mainly wanted to say great job on having all info on one page and very professional looking too

as another thing I was told in the beginning was “don’t believe all the rubbish on the internet” by family members so this also made me question what to believe and what to do

if only i knew then then what I know now 
if only 
Just had a quick look at this Kali.  I haven't checked out all the links yet but it is an excellent resource and pulls so much material together.  It makes it very easy for anyone to access information about eating disorders quickly and that is what we need.  Well done to all involved.
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