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Hi - we are in England and with much returning to a ‘new normal’ I was wondering if anyone was receiving any face to face support from their services? We have been told that CAHMS are only seeing very urgent cases in person which I understand and my d is not but there doesn’t appear to a plan of when face to face appointments will return. We have a telephone appointment each week but my d is struggling to engage fully with this. 

thanks x



Are they able to do video visits? We have used zoom and Microsoft teams and Skype to do this. D does not love being ‘ on camera’ but after  three visits she does engage more and sees it as normal for Covid changes right now, well at least it is not as odd as it was at the beginning . There were issues legally with privacy to ensure we all understood the risks of using that technology but we understood and gave consent.
i am in Canada so not sure if these are options for you.

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Hi, we are in England. We are receiving face to face because my D is struggling but I think most patients are receiving phone or video consultations and there is no sign of that changing. 
I imagine it is difficult for them to plan for face to face meetings given the current the uncertainty of the whole situation. I imagine that they are reluctant to promise anything definitive in case they have to change it if the situation worsens or as knowledge of the virus develops. Many people would be disappointed and unhappy if that happened. All the uncertainty is very difficult to live with. Sigh.

Warm wishes, 

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We are receiving face to face appointments with CAMHS on a fortnightly basis with the option of bringing appointments forward if there is a sudden decline.  I am also in touch with my daughter's psychiatrist via email on a weekly basis.
Thank you all for your replies. I am grateful my d is doing ok but she knows she needs and to some extent wants support to keep moving forward. I think if we knew at what point things might change it would be easier but as my d points out she could go to a slimming group or the gym soon but not face to face therapy - I can sort of see her point. I think my own anxiety about her slipping backwards isn’t helping but I am trying to be really positive about it all with her - hence coming here to moan! 
Hi Lonelymum,

I assume you are supporting her with her eating and that this is OK.
Is it the anxiety she wants support for? I don't see why they cannot offer face to face support through whatever platform the NHS are using for virtual meetings. This would be an improvement on telephone calls. It is a reasonable thing to ask for. 
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