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We are researching Eating Recovery Center (ERC)'s Denver location for possible residential and/or partial hospitalization program for our 17 yo D.  I'd welcome hearing from anyone who has experience with them--the positive review that was posted in the 2017 posts led me to put them at the top of our list.  

Thanks 🙂
Hi there, My daughter went to ERC denver for AN when she was 13 (she is now 15). They saved her life.  They did what I could not to, which was get to to eat and gain weight. She was there all summer and her brain returned.  It was brutal but they did an awesome job.  We had done PHP with ERC in Greeneville, SC, and it helped, but she quickly relapsed after PHP.  3 months later we went to Denver ERC.  There were kids of all ages there, from 10/11 - 18.  The parent education portion of ERC Denver is outstanding, I learned how to support her, they do an excellent job educating the parents on how to save your child. It was awesome.  We stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in Denver and it made things easy.  I am happy to answer any questions and I hope that things improve soon for your family!
I haven't had direct experience with this level of care, but during my years on the forum, my impression is that ERC Denver is among the best. xx

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
My daughter was there for 4 months in 2017/2018 for inpatient/residential When she was 15/16 and then 6 weeks for php right after. They were excellent and saved her life. They are very good at refeeding; my daughter gained 55 lbs in their care. Good communication with us throughout. They do a good job with parental education mainly though family days and during the php program. They really try to set you up so you can take over the feeding. They only allowed visitors on weekends; some parents found that difficult.  They were also very good at breaking her exercise compulsion. We live in Georgia and went all the way to Colorado for the treatment center.  It was hard on her and us to be so far away, but I’m glad we did it. My daughter did IOP at Veritas Collaborative here in Atlanta; they not opened their residential treatment center yet when my daughter was ill. I would also recommend them; not sure where you are located. My daughter is completely recovered; she never looked back once we got all the weight on; she grew 5 inches and has continued to gain and reach her young adult size. Even her bone density improved dramatically; her doctor was shocked at that recovery, had not seen it for Her other AN patients.  She has no behaviors; eats everything everywhere, with anyone, got a social life, developed new interests. 
Thank you all for sharing your experiences and insight.  It is much much appreciated and reassuring to hear that your children are thriving now. 🙂
Thank you for sharing your experience. It is much appreciated and gives us insight in which questions we need to ask next.