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hello all,

I know most of you know this already, but just in case....

Have many people here gone on to Pro anorexia websites? Anyone who has will know that they specifically advocate a million horrible things, including a lot of the "behaviours"we all notice...

Standing for as long as possible , at all times,
do your homework standing up etc to burn calories
Adding spicy condiments, chilli, cinnimon etc to food ( to allegedly speed up your metabolism)
Taking lots of long baths (if you are struggling to not eat)
Sleep in a cold room, push off duvets etc as you will burn more calories
Chew gum all the time (sugar-free) to help forget you are hungry
Drink green tea - to speed up metabolism
Look after your hair (so that you stay looking reasonable and put people off the scent)
Place bits of food on plate/make plate look dirty - to look like leftovers/throw rest away, to look like you have eaten lunch...
Always take the stairs at least two at a time,
Keep moving, offering to get things doe. Upstairs, pretend to forget things so you can run around a bit
Pretend to get the bus to school, get off after one stop and walk

And it goes on.

I actually think that these may well start out as directions from websites who supply "tutorials" in how to be anorexic but that after a while they bed in and become part of what ED sufferers do as their normality. I do believe that some other behaviours are simply a physiological response to starvation.

I know I am going about it a lot, and I hope it's not too much - but I feel it is really super-important that everyone who can should sign the UK petition - Ban Pro Anorexia websites, posted by Lily UK. It's at 4,200 but really has to get to at least 10k. It's a shame I can't think of an initiative that might propel it up to 100k and a debate in Parliament but even 10k would be a result. It won't happen without sharing it, and approaching people directly to sign and share it might work.
It's interesting to also see that several sites have discussions about whether their parents are on ATDT and quoting some parents posts to "alert" readers of what parents get up to (when trying to save our kids lives of course)
They are hideous sites and have to be stopped!
Interesting timing. My h and I we're with our FBT t today and discussing this. I visited a few of these awful sites when I 1st noticed my d restricting last Sept. It was clear she had been on them too. Drinking peppermint tea, loads of black pepper etc I also recently noticed the stairs 2 at a time which I've spoken to her about. We now have parental controls switched on but she only needs to go out with her smartphone
I didn't know about the long baths. She has been doing this now for a few weeks. Sometimes she will have a long bath and then a shower a couple of hours later. I thought it was to relax her and keep the ED voice away as she likes to read in the bath.
God I hate this. Every activity feels as if it's something else. I'm always looking out for behaviours but a bath??

I've signed and shared the petition. It sickens me that we have to do this to get this vile presence banned. We need to keep educating people I guess
Mum to 17y/o D living in England. RAN since Sept 2015. Refed at home but after getting within 3kg of WR D relapsed July 2016. hospital twice and then IP  Sept 2016 - Jan 2018. Now continuing the battle at home...
The one horrifying thing that I recall is that my D, when at her very worst, unbeknown to us, had ice cold baths. One of these sites had obviously told her this was a good way of burning even more calories off.....this was when her temperature was very low already, as was her heart rate. So very very dangerous. Petition signed and shared.
UK - South East

19 yo D

Dx AN Feb 2015 (Aged 15). Pre-existing low self-esteen and high anxiety. 

2015: 3 x medical hospital admissions. 1 month in IP which she self discharged from [eek].
2016: 3 x hospital admissions. 
2017: CAMHS CBT. WR, dropped out of 2 different colleges and started an apprenticeship.  Started having grand mal seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy in Nov 2017. Sacked from job because of this.  Tribunal ensued.
2018 - doing a Psychology degree through Open University and working in retail to pay her way in life. Relapses with eating disorder in June 18 and Nov 18 😢. 

On particularly rough days when I am sure I can't possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that's pretty good. [Author Unknown]
I agree that these sites are horrible.  I also wanted to mention that my d did lots of those behaviors and i am 99.9% sure she didn't learn them from an internet site. She was 11 when diagnosed and has never been that interested in the internet, has no phone, etc.  I think these behaviors emerged from her ED thoughts, which came from her ill brain. 
14-year-old daughter with restrictive ED including symptoms of exercise compulsion and orthorexia; dx at age 11. Weight loss/illness onset due to underfueling for sports.  Still recovering!