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Could anyone suggest some easy to stomach high calorie shake ideas to introduce into the daily plan, thanks in advance. 
We did Haagen dasz melted in fridge overnight. Whole milk and peanut butter syrup. Became a very thick milk bc she did not like it all the way feeezing like a shake, probably bc she drank it in bed before it was even.time to wake up. Starting with melted ice cream allowed me to blend up a big batch, separate portions into plastic leakproof individual servings and then freeze them. Put one from freezer into fridge at bedtime and it was melty enuf to shake up and give her in the morning (sometimes had to warm it like a baby bottle in warm water bath if pulled it from freezer too late).  I can’t recall proportions at the moment but I have them somewhere if interestrd in this variety. Tons of options of course.  We did a “big one” in the morning and a smaller one to take to the school nurse who monitored it as a mid morning snack. Neither was large volume ... maybe 8oz for the big one but a lot of calories (again, I have that I do somewhere but can’t recall it off top of head right now). It was our difference maker for sure. 
Mom of either pre-diagnosis or non-ed underweight 12 yoa (as of March 2018) kid here to learn how to achieve weight gain.  BMI steadily in the mid 12's for nearly her entire life.  Born 2006. UPDATE:  April 2018 diagnosed ARFID, based solely on weight being less than 75% of Ideal Body Weight.  Mildly picky, but mostly the problem is a volume/early satiety issue, along with abdominal discomfort and chronic constipation, all present since birth.  UPDATE:  July 2019 diagnosed with PANS. Dr. said likely started first PANS episode at less than 1 or 2 years of age.  On long-term daily prophylactic antibiotics. BMI now about 16 after period of intense refeeding prior to PANS dx,  followed by stagnation as we sort out what is next. FWIW ED-D is a fraternal twin and we have no other kids.
My recipe was similar, but less imaginative.  I just put premium ice cream in the blender and added enough heavy whipping cream (double cream in UK) to get the desired consistency.  I was surprised to find out how much more caloric the premium ice creams are. xx

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
Just want to add that here it worked best to add cream or double cream after blending the ice cream with some milk so it did not get so thick.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
You asked for shake recipes, but if you would also like to try smoothies, you can start by freezing full-fat yogurt (either in cubes or flattened down in a zipper bag), and frozen fruit.  Put those in a blender and add cream / milk, powdered sugar, and oil for a fruit-flavored smoothie.

Or you can add things like peanut butter, powdered nuts, etc. if a different flavor would be better.

It is up to you to decide if it is best to have many frozen ingredients (to end up with a slushy consistency) or mostly or all unfrozen (for a more liquid consistency).

Please let us know what works for you. xx

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
In the early days I made a shake with a pint of premium ice cream, 2 benecalorie packets, 1/4 to 1/2 cup cream and some milk. I made it the night before and put it in the fridge to thin. It was easier for my D to drink it thin as she would get upset if it was too thick. Good luck!
Strawberry Crush640
2 c. frozen strawberries
½ c. crushed pineapple
½ c. water
½ medium banana
6 Tbsp Sugar
¼ c. lemon juice
2 Tbsp Honey
Blend in blender.
Peaches and Cream 630
1 c. milk
1 c. canned peaches
1 c. vanilla ice cream
¼ tsp Salt
¼ tsp vanilla
Blend in blender.
Here are some smoothie recipes that I am going to try. Good suggestion from Torie. Fruit smoothies may be more accepted at first.
1 banana
Frozen berries
Peanut butter/nuts and almonds/ Nutella
Greek yogurt
Canola oil (I started with 1 tea spoon but this days I don't measure, I just pour, she doesn't seem to notice)
Carnation evaporated milk

Another one
Carnation evaporated milk
Canola oil
Coffee half teaspoon
1 tea spoon vanilla extract
13 yo d started to eat "healthy" September 2018, she had a growth spurt a bit later, followed by tummy bug. She started restricting breakfast and school lunch in January 2019 (that we know). We succesfully refed at home.
I have found inner strenght, patience and compassion that I did not know I had.
Never retreat, never surrender
keep feeding

Here is our go to smoothie:

Whole Milk
Full Fat Vanilla Yoghurt
Some heavy cream
Bananas and Strawberries and/or Mango or a combo of these (fresh, not frozen fruit)
A splash of vanilla extract
A couple tablespoons of honey
Ground almonds
A couple of ice cubes

Grind the almonds first (about 1/2 a handful)
Place fruit in blender, give it a couple of pulses, and then put the cream, milk, yoghurt vanilla extact and honey in and then blend. At the end add 2 ice cubes and grind those into the smoothie just to make everything nice and cold.

I also made a variation using ground oatmeal instead of the ground almonds.




Initially, I was doing fruit smoothies with benecalorie added, similar to what others described, but my D got tired of the fruit and asked for mocha flavor.  In addition to mocha Haagen-Dazs ice cream (highest calorie count I could find), I add heavy cream, a banana, plain yogurt, and several scoops of a high protein chocolate protein powder (I get the one for weight-lifters to bulk up - very high protein and calories), and a small amount of decaf coffee powder.  I also used to add 1/4 c. canola, but I've backed off that as she's stabilized and remained so for several months.