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Working on WR. Been refeeding all foods for 2 months. D doesnt really complain about having to eat other than the large portions and frequency. She is just sick of eating. Tired of talking about food etc..

She still really struggles with nausea and gagging. The type of food doesn't matter. It was when she is eating and not hungry (some hunger cues have returned and these times are easier). 

Today she started gagging at end of lunch over amount. The poor thing fought through it - she does not want to vomit- she hates the feeling of it.

Any advice on how to ease this reflex? How long this might go on? 

She says she is not really worried about weight or body images anymore. She wants to eat the meals and just move on with the day...but the full feeling and gagging is really tough to get through.
I wonder if it would help to slow down the pace of the meal.  I remember that someone here had a d who developed projectile vomiting (involuntary), and she had to just keep feeding all. day. long.  A few spoonfuls, pause a few minutes.  A few spoonfuls, pause a few minutes.  I can't remember how l long they had to do this, but eventually things got back to normal.  This might not be possible, but if you could cut the meals in half and serve them twice as often, that might help?

My own d developed nausea and occasional vomiting (but no gagging).  I never figured out what to do about that, but it has never been a major problem.  She has been well and truly wr more than 5 years now, and still finds that exam anxiety manifests in stomach upset.  I'm just telling you that so you know that with luck, this will not morph into a nightmare.

I always required her to complete the meal, even if she felt like she might vomit, because I was too scared to let ED win even one battle.  When she did vomit, it was just a small amount, and involuntary.  Of course those calories needed to be made up ... 

Please keep us posted. xx

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
With time the body and the intestine system will get used to the bigger portions again and then it gets better. It can also be partly a psychological/psychosomatical problem with AN still not wanting her to eat.
Most problems with that faded here slowly about a year after WR but to be honest it took that long.
AN did great damage to her intestine system and that needs time to heal. 2 months in is still very early days...try to be more patient, it will get better in a few months.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.