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I have been wondering this, because something appears to have just clicked for my d after all these years.

No one knew how ill she was because she had hidden it so well. A month and a half ago, she took herself to the doctors (she is 18) and only told us afterwards. This is a big deal, given how hard she struggled to be discharged from CAMHS aged 16. It turns out she has relapsed majorly since then.

When she begun treatment, she weighed only 31kg at 162.5cm tall. Today, she is 33.6kg. She has been taking complete control of her recovery. I don't go to appointments. She is eating her meal plan under her own steam, having fear foods such as cake and doughnuts which I haven't seen her touch in years, and generally seems so much happier.

She even finally admitted that her team's target of 45kg is too low and that 53kg would be a better weight for her.

I'm just in shock. It seems to good to be true. Could I finally have my daughter back? I'm tentatively hopeful, but apprehensive should she slip back.
great news! I hope her recovery continues like this. I can't speak for myself as my daughter is 13 and still recovering. But I did meet up with a friend who's daughter had had an eating disorder from about 14- 18. She appears to be well at the moment. Maybe as the brain matures they change there way of thinking or maybe life offers new opportunities that they want to do - maybe they want to live their life rather than starve! My friends daughter went off to volunteer in a childrens home in a poor country for a few weeks and apparently when she came back she was like a different girl. She said her eating disorder seemed to almost go after that.
But I guess it's different for everyone. I hope things continue to improve [smile]
Daughter was age 11 when she started restricting Aug 2014, admitted to paed ward Dec 2014 for low BP, pulse rate and spent 3 weeks there. As they were about to NG tube her, she decided to eat again. After approx. 1.5 years on a meal plan and lots of toil, sweat and tears she is weight restored and has just been discharged from NHS care. It's been a very slow traumatic process but each day we are making progress.
Here's hoping she's changed over a new leaf!
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D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Mostly recovered 10 years later.  Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.