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2 weeks into recovery. 2500 calories after not gaining on 2000 calories. Started off 41 kg. 13 year old daughter.

After 2 weeks of recovery, in our first weigh in (blind, of course) we saw her new weight was 43.2 kg.

We are happy she has apparently gained- but we don't believe it's real weight. She's only eating at a 500 calorie surplus, and should be gaining .5 kilos a week. We don't want to believe she is water-loading...

What other factors could be contributing to this? Have any of you had experience with rapid, illogical weight gain at the beginning?

we experienced something similar in the first week in IP and they told us that the body is getting water in again first. Not because she is water loading but because she may be drinking normal now and the body gets the fluids from the meals in as well.
If you supervise her you can exclude water loading and than that may be the cause. Was she weight without clothes? Some hide weight in there.
Congratulations that you got her blind weight!
It doesn´t mean that this will be normal in the next weeks, but it can also mean that these extra 500 calories were needed for weight gain at the moment.
Try not to see it as a mathematical calculation and just relax and be happy about that weight gain. And don´t really expect that will happen again next week...[wink]
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Some observations:

1. No one wants to believe it's waterloading or hidden weights in clothes. But you need to exclude the possibility that it is these things. If it's a blind weight at a doctor's office they should be asking for a urine sample and testing for specific gravity. That shows whether the urine is diluted and indicates waterloading. They should also put her in a gown and nothing else.

If she is waterloading or hiding weights, please know that it's the ED making her do this. She is not to blame, she is not lying. It's forcing her to do these things, so a matter-of-fact approach is best and might be most reassuring (although she won't show it).

If you are doing weighing at home, do it first thing in the morning or after you have supervised for several hours.

2. If it's her true weight, great. It is, however, just a number. What matters is a trend of numbers and, as you know, more calories. I wouldn't get too hung up on one week's worth of numbers as long as I were focused on maximizing calories and assuring that they get consumed.

Great work so far!!
Hi and welcome to the group.  I hope you take time to read all around this forum for some tried and true advice from some of the best! 

When the body and brain have been starved for a period of time, both can do whacky things!  In the beginning of refeeding, yes, you might see an increase in weight but it is most likely fluid retention. The body is desperately holding onto any nutrition it can get.  That's why you may notice a puffy face (trying to protect the brain) or a puffy middle (trying to protect internal organs).   I suspect even 2500 cals won't give you any weight gain in the coming weeks.  We had to go up to about 3500 a day to see continued gains.

Our D was weighed by a trained ED specialist who didn't catch the water loading and hidden weights in her bra!!!   She was weighed in a gown but was allowed to leave her bra on -- yup, a 5 pounds ankle weight went into that bra on a weekly basis until I caught on and had to tell the medical doctor!!!!!   My point is -- even the professionals can be fooled -- so close any loopholes and move on! 
Hi Hope! Great job getting your daughter eating again!  We had a similar experience when we started refeeding our  daughter - a seven pound gain in a week or so!  We were told that it was fluid retention, and that seems likely.  However, I was so hopeful that the weight gain would continue at that pace, and of course, it didn't.  But with ever increasing calories, she continued to gain at a slower but steady pace.  Keep up the good work!

The Irish tell the story of a man who arrives at the gates of Heaven and asks to be let in.  St. Peter says, “Of course. Show us your scars.”  But the man replies, “I have no scars.”   St. Peter shakes his head and says, “What a pity. Was there nothing worth fighting for?”