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Four hours of intake stuff after a six hour drive yesterday. Several more hours today with treatment team members, getting D settled in the 10 bed ED Center at Rogers in Wisconsin. So far, so good. Liked what we saw in terms of treatment and general organization of the place. D looks a little shell shocked. I'm not sure she believed that We'd actually follow through with residential - what I had told her was the next step if she kept restricting and purging. So here we are. Two states away from home, it's two degrees outside, two determined parents. So now we wait and HOPE: that insurance will continue the stay past Friday, that the program will make the difference for our D, that 2015 will bring a greater degree of recovery. Here's to a hopeful 2015 for all of you out there and your dear loved ones struggling with this insidious brain disease.
Tempest -18 yo daughter diagnosed with EDNOS since 15, FBT at home WR 12/13, relapse 10/14, Residential 2015 for 3 months, PHP several weeks. New dx bi-polar. Home now seeing good treatment team weekly, attending college. D still occasionally purging but weight stable.
Good for you, Tempest, getting your d the help she needs.  I join you in wishing that 2015 is a better year for us all.

Please remember to take care of yourself now that your d is in the capable hands of others.

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
Tempest, sending lots of hope and prayers for great treatment and healing for your sweet d. Recovery is around the corner. We will all get there in time. Here's to a very successful New Year!!!
Diagnosed at 16, relapse at 19, weight restored again and now working on independent eating.
Sending you courage, strength and positive vibes that insurance will cooperate and that your child will do well at Rogers.

It's a strong program.

May 2015 be a better year for you all.

Cathy V.
Southern California
Thinking of you and sending good thoughts.
Mom of 15 year old daughter, RAN diagnosed Nov., 2014.  WR June, 2014.