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I'm posting an update this weekend because it feels like the first "normal" weekend we've had since this nightmare started.  

It feels like a fog has lifted from d over the past week or so.  She is weight restored plus a couple of pounds. She is sleeping better.  She is starting to help herself to snacks, asking for seconds, eating socially, and much of the ED chatter has quieted down.  

Her mood is upbeat most of the time with only occasional anxiety episodes over certain things (not necessarily food related).  

And she is showering frequently - thank the Lord! [biggrin]

The breakfast dramas are few and far between.  This morning H and I took d's brother to an early basketball game and when d awoke she helped herself to the pancakes I prepared and kept warm in the oven.  Her first independent breakfast!

School lunch is still a bit of a struggle but she has made good progress and is eating most of what is packed in her lunch each day.  Her grandmother continues to be an amazing support after school with snack and dinner prep a few days each week so I can continue to work.  So so so grateful for this!!!

D is still seeing her nutritionist (recently dropped to bi-weekly/still blind weight), therapist (Non-FBT, weekly), and monthly checks with family doctor (no weight, just general health check).  D says she no longer wants to continue with any ED related appointments and that she just wants to be "normal" again.  We will of course continue with appointments for the foreseeable future as I continue to remind her she is still in very early stages of recovery.  

I've been reading a lot of the posts about relapses, stage 2/3, etc. to arm myself with information and little things to watch for. I know there will be bumps and I need to be super vigilant.

But for today I've decided I'm going to enjoy this feeling of normalcy and forget the worries for a little while.

My hope is that everyone struggling to help their loved ones on this forum has this same opportunity one day.  

I do not take it for granted and I never will.

"Lineage, personality and environment may shape you, but they do not define your full potential."    Mollie Marti  


15 yr old d diagnosed with AN late December 2015 at the age of 12 after a 23 lb weight loss during prior 3 months. Started FBT/Maudsley at home on Christmas Eve with support from amazing local nutritionist specializing in ED and trained in FBT. WR Feb 2016 and pushing our way through puberty and rapid growth.
Wow, EdNewbie - Amazing progress! Thanks for sharing your positive post - We have it all here - the good, the bad, and the ugly - so important to have upbeat glimpses amid all the challenges.

Keep going. xx urock

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
Waytogo, Ednewbie and your d! That's so great to hear things are looking so promising. Wishing continued progress to you and your d and hoping the ED will be diminishing more every day! Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful!!!  Always good to hear optimism even if cautiously offered.

Torie, where did you get those icons?? Those are great.