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Shocked? Sad? Well I was too. When I read that drugs are not drugs anymore, and that they have been segmented and targeted for individual people now. What used to be simple formulas are now converted into complex structures with no cause and effect warnings.

People may find out drugs to be very entertaining, and they might consider it as a recreational drug which they use to take a break from their stressful lives. But what they don’t understand is that everything has a cost attached to it and the cost attached to drug and alcohol addiction may not be seen in the short run, but in the long run it is pretty devastating.

People enjoy telling their blackout stories to their peers and friends when in reality it is actually because of heavy alcohol abuse which lead to the persons’ temporary loss of memory. People define blackouts as alcohol related problems, but it is not limited to alcohol only, but it can caused by other drugs too. Moreover people treat this common problem with a simple solution of “drinking less the next time”, which in reality needs clinical attention.

For the continuing hours, and sometimes even days, such individual men and women are in a blackout, they have literally lost their consciousness of self, their self-awareness of who they are and where they are. They are in-fact lost in the fictional sense of the world surrounding themselves, lost in deep space, lost in endless time. They are not able to think, or, learn, or, plan or to make a decision. They are unaware of what they are actually doing, let alone why they are doing it. Not only this, they have a major threat of encountering major diseases which becomes harder to cure in the later stages, such as cancer etc.

So if you think that you or your loved ones needs proper attention, and care and affection, and that they need a second chance to live a sober life as well, then you need to sign up for Sober Living Delray Beach program. Through this program, you can return to a simple life and return to perform your duties in the society.