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My d (24) suffers from bn. Quick history, residential 5 times, recently released September. She only keeps a meal in when allowed to have a binge/purge cycle. If I fight the fight she'll go days without keeping a meal in. I'm damed if I do and damed if I don't !
Dear pam1962,

If you read NellyUK's posts you will read her efforts at dealing with binge purge. Like many others here Nelly had to work at stopping all purging all the time. It was not easy to do & there was a long period of in patient care during Nelly's efforts & then heaps of effort to prevent purging after discharge.

What did the in patient team to prevent purging?

In Cyndy Buliks recent presentation on Toward The Science of Eating Disorders she talks about how the binge purge patients get stress & anxiety relief by purging & their anxiety goes haywire when the restrict the purging. Some of the anxiety medications can help with purging anxiety. 
ED Dad
Dear Pam 1962, I had to hide food and ensure a binge was difficult to do - hard when you have a permanently hungry teenage boy in the house as well. I still have to supervise after meals for an hour sometimes two. I have had to drive for an hour to get my d away from a bathroom. There can be no bowls or bags or anything she can be sick into in her room. I have had to be three steps ahead of her after every meal or snack. She has been devious- going out running round the block. I found the vomit and confronted her. She has a boyfriend that also supervises her. Her friends aren't very helpful- they eat crisps drink fizz and chocolate then don't bother if she disappears. She doesn't see them much now because she knows it will lead to a B/P. My d can only eat certain foods as other types are binge foods. She has to feel safe and not too full.
When she eats a lot the supervision is tighter. I think we have for the B/P down to a few times a week. The best motivator for her has been her days at work. She is only 16 and has messed up school completely, but she started hairdressing and has an apprenticeship lined up. The salon treat her like normal. They don't know her history in detail. She has to eat normally there because when she did purge she collapsed. She realised that she couldn't work and purge.
I must admit the cycle had to be broken in hospital where the staff supervised her one to one 24 hours a day for a few months. That would not have been possible at home as she was violent when we tried to stop the purging. She has now been a stable weight for a few months indicating that the B/P has decreased. It was up and down like a yo yo before. D has bloods taken fortnightly now, it was weekly. ECGs are 6 weekly and weight is done weekly.
My thread has been on here a while, showing my useless struggles and then progress.
Iris in the US also has beaten the purging herself, she had some great words of encouragement for me. As well as practical ideas.
Some people have taken bathroom doors off hinges. Locked kitchens. Lifted drain covers.
I think the thing the struck me about how to succeed was how incredibly closely you had to supervise 24/7.
Good luck Pam1962, it is possible. X
NELLY D 20 bulimic since age 12, diagnosed in 2011. 20 months useless CAMHs,7 months great IP, home March 14..... more useless CAMHs.now an adult & no MH services are involved. I reached the end of my tether, tied a knot in it and am hanging on. ED/Bulimia treatmentis in the dark ages in West Sussex.