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My 12 year old D has been at the Mildred Creak Unit at Great Ormond St as an inpatient for 10days. She has Anorexia. Diagnosed in Dec 2018. Her decline in the unit is shocking. She is currently having to be restrained to receive NG feed and refusing to drink water from the cup. She is also attempting to escape the unit. 

The hospital is concerned because they are not licensed under the Mental Health Act. This means they can’t be in lockdown 24/7 to prevent my daughter running away, they don’t have the resources long term to restrain my D for her feeds and they can’t force her to take medication that might dull her fears. 

They are hoping that her extreme behaviour is the Anorexia kicking out since it has been placed in a contained environment where it is being challenged. The unit are hopeful that her resistance will wane soon.

However if it doesn’t the consultant has suggested my D may need to be sectioned under the mental health act. Obviously as parents this terrifies us. Can anyone offer any reassuring experiences or advice about being sectioned please?

We live in London. Great Ormond St will look to refer us to another unit that is licenced under the Mental Health Act. Do any UK people know what sort or influence we can have over where she goes and if there are hospitals they would recommend please?

It is heart breaking to see our children so mentally unwell. It is good that the unit is offering NG food despite your D's resistance but also understandable that they feel they may need to make use of a more intensive unit if her resistance doesn't settle. So far their response seems sensible. 

I am not in the UK so cannot truly comment on where your D may be sent, however my understanding is that you may have little control over where she would be moved to if it came to her being sectioned under the act. The answer would be, where-ever there is a bed. Hopefully some more UK people can come along and confirm this or not. 

I hope your D turns the corner soon.
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Mostly recovered 10 years later.  Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
Hi Snowy,

Sorry to hear about your d.  There is generally a preference to use the MHA when an ng tube is needed simply because it keeps all those involved 'in the right'.  Your d sounds as if she needs to be a specialist unit - was she put into Great Ormond Street by a CAMHS psychiatrist?  Great Ormond Street has specialists in eating disorders in young children and teenagers - unfortunately Dasha Nicholls is no longer with them - and I thought they had specialist beds as well, so I don't understand why they are finding her behaviours so difficult to manage.  You need to find out where the specialist units are in the south east which treat young people and children under the age of 18 and fight to get your d a place there.  Unfortunately I don't know them, or if the Huntercombe at Maidenhead still takes children or just adults.  But you need to do some research and push to get her a placement in a specialist ed setting.
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