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So uncomfortable about depression meds - but truly understand the need - D is even on board for this.  ANY advice is so welcome - this is truly out of my sphere of comfort or knowledge.
Hi needhelp,

I can only say that since ED has come into our home I have totally embraced medication. I used to be quite minimalistic in medication use; not many paracetamol, rarely antibiotics. But we rarely had the need then.

Now I think whatever gets you through. For us as carers and for our kids. I try to model appropriate use and so take a paracetamol if I have a headache instead of battling through. I am more balanced and say to the kids 'Thank Goodness, we have meds when we need them. 

ED son is still very anti meds but I am hoping this will change in the medium term. Me and one of the other kids are now taking meds for ADHD and that too is giving a good example.

Good luck tomorrow.

2015 12yo son restricting but no body image issues, no fat phobia; lost weight IP! Oct 2015 home, no progress. Medical hosp to kick start recovery Feb 2016. Slowly gaining at home, seeing signs of our real kid.

May 2017 Hovering around WR. Mood great, mostly. Summer 2017 Happy, first trip away in years, food variety, begin socialising. Sept 2017, back to school FT first time in 2 years. 2018 growing so fast hard to keep pace with weight. 2020 Off to university, healthy and happy.
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We are also on the fence on meds.  I do not think the symptoms warrant them so for that reason and others we have thus far declined -- but I wanted to be ready if I get to the point that I think meds would turn the tide for the better -- so we had the genetic study done to see how certain psych meds are metabolized.  What it told us is that if we are to try meds, we should avoid SSRI's -- which is exactly what the provider had been suggesting we give.  I think the turn-around time for the test (it is a saliva swab, so no needles!) was about two weeks but it may have been less.  We used GeneSight and I can tell you their customer service was terrific!!  If you are going to do the psych panel, consider also doing the MTHFR panel at the same time -- as I understand it, if you are in the "no SSRI" group and also have an MTHFR defect (maybe not the right word), there are ways to get the serotonin help you need that are vitamin based.  Unfortunately (sort of) we did not have the MTHFR defect so that was not an easy out for us.  If we ever do have to give meds, I am much more comfortable with that thought with these test results in hand.  
Mom of either pre-diagnosis or non-ed underweight 12 yoa (as of March 2018) kid here to learn how to achieve weight gain.  BMI steadily in the mid 12's for nearly her entire life.  Born 2006. UPDATE:  April 2018 diagnosed ARFID, based solely on weight being less than 75% of Ideal Body Weight.  Mildly picky, but mostly the problem is a volume/early satiety issue, along with abdominal discomfort and chronic constipation, all present since birth.  UPDATE:  July 2019 diagnosed with PANS. Dr. said likely started first PANS episode at less than 1 or 2 years of age.  On long-term daily prophylactic antibiotics. BMI now about 16 after period of intense refeeding prior to PANS dx,  followed by stagnation as we sort out what is next. FWIW ED-D is a fraternal twin and we have no other kids.
Thank you for your input. I do wish I had known about the Genesight test - that would have helped ease my concern about this step.

I then made the HUGE mistake of getting on the internet.  My intent was to enter the office at least having some knowledge of some basics, so that I could better follow what the psychiatrist says, and be able to find out what kind of questions I need to ask.  Of course - it was somewhat overwhelming (as I knew it would be - too much information - not all of the same validity).  The idea of messing with my daughter's brain function is so frightening to me.  I know the goal is to help - but the side effects, and margin of error in selecting the correct drug and dose -- Well, thank you for listening.  Now - to put on my confident Mom face - and off we go! Or as we say here -- Keep swimming : )