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Hi there how are u all im hoping you are well ? Well my daughter at 16 has been diognosed with arfids. I am still struggling to understand this as i know get that my daughter has about 10 to 15 safe foods that she will eat. The team that we are under are NOT helpful at all the guy is horrid and when i ask for support and question him about how can i approah like foods he says well ehat do u rhink ..u are the theripst .well u know what..its very hard being a theripst when u dont have the tools in your tool box and my daughter is still not respodind to treatment of FBT. She eats food but not enoghh she has go e from nothibg to 4 small meals a day but the teqm knock us down all the time . Even to the point when my d put 500g on the team said well we will have to deal with what happens if she loses next week . WHAT GRR ...my daughter will not leave this org as she gets help for schooling with them . How else can i help my daughter arfids certianly fits her but its all about getting her better not crusfiying thr team x thought pkease

Welcome to the forum. Sorry that you have had to find us here. There are a number of parents on the forum who have children diagnosed with ARFID. 

Most of us on here are parents and have had to struggle with re-feeding our child, even if we were not doing FBT. Your concern about not being given instructions is very common. Fortunately you can use the wealth of experience here to see what has worked for others. Some may work well for you, others not. Try having a look in the Hall of Fame for some ideas that may help you to keep things moving in the right direction.

Well done on that 500g. Absolutely you should be congratulated on any bits of progress, they are hard fought.
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Mostly recovered 10 years later.  Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
Hey there thank you for tour support and im soory to hear of your stuggles with ur d im hoping your d contintues to retain her weight xx

Womble 03
Welcome womble03, I have bumped up a recent thread on ARFID.

There are a few subtypes of ARFID as fair as we know, which will determine what kind of treatment plan to follow.

from my experience of the last few years and a child dx with this is that you need a good team of professionals and for them to be prepared to learn and work with you and your child. because there is no treatment manual for this, and many clinicians haven't even heard of it yet.

Check out the thread and ask any questions.

So sorry you find yourself in this boat. xx
Son 9yrs when he became unwell 2013, ED slide from April 2014, dx at 10yrs July 2014, 2 hospitalisations - dx so many times Behavioural Anorexia, EDNOS, ARFID. FBT from August 2014. Anxiety, Emetophobia. 13.5yrs old now! In recovery, gets better every day with constant vigilance, life returns.
Hello, my 12 year old was diagnosed with ARFID at 8 years old.She was eating only a handful of foods,very brand specific,and picked through everything. She is now eating veggies,chicken,spicy foods ect.There is hope,my advice is find a good team. A mental health professional,a good eating disorder doctor, and believe it or not an OT. I took my daughter to an OT thinking no way this will work,well this woman as my daughters turning point. She ate meatballs on her first visit.Let me know if you would like to chat,maybe I can give you some ideas.