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I'm asking this question because I've been making a lot of connections lately that seem to lead me to that conclusion. She's always been "quirky", has had a hard time making friends (to the point where she doesn't have any), always holds back from family and seems cold, has always been restrictive about the things she eats and her schedule (I'm talking from the time she started eating solid food), and the biggest thing I saw was about selective silence. She's talkative at home, but was always so quiet at school, that her twin brother's friends talked about whether she was mute. I've mentioned this to her caregiver and am waiting to her back the team's thoughts on the matter, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this situation, since there seems to be a high correlation between AN and being on the autism spectrum. And if you had, were there different approaches to treatment?

Welcome to ATDT and I am sorry your daughter is having difficulties but hope you will find good support here. I believe there are some parents here who have experience with children who are on the spectrum and either have AN or very selective eating.

There is a parent called I am Inspired whose daughter had both AN and an ASD diagnosis. You can read her story of hope in the pinned thread at top, and also search for some of her messages if you want to learn more about how she handled things. There is also a parent named SoTired who has a son with ASD and I believe he has also had some selective eating however not an AN diagnosis. But she has brought his weight up also.

We are having a guest next week who is on the spectrum and has severe food allergies plus a list of things they will not eat. I am trying to figure out how to feed my daughter with AN and our guest at the same meals and it will be a challenge! 

Please take a look at the FEAST learning center, where you can get more information about eating disorders, and also at the high-calorie thread where you will find suggestions for small footprint high-calorie meals.


Hi my D 16 was dx ASD at 6. Ednos at 15. She was dx BDD 6 months after the ED. I believe that the ED should be treated in the same way. As any other child or YP. My D was also a picky eater when young but seemed to get easier until ED.I am convinced that the asd characteristic overfocus or obsessional nature is in some way linked. My D found it hard to see herself as a whole rather than each part of her body which she hated.