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How many of your children's treatment plans have included anti-anxiety medications? Pros/cons? Thoughts?
My d is on 2 meds for her anxiety\ocd...sertraline and olanzapine.
I firmly believe they helped bring our daughter back to us.  they greatly helped reduce her symptoms and she is more agreeable than she has been in a long time.  I truly feel they helped bring our daughter back to us.
Mom Up North
Mine got escitalopram (Lexapro) and I'm all for it. 
We've seen excellent mood improvement with generic Klonopin. SSRI's were no good for her. Just received Genomind test results back. My d is a SLC6A4 short/short, so she won't metabolize SSRI's well. I wish we had known to do the test BEFORE trying meds. We wasted time, and she really suffered with the 'trial by fire' method.

On the generic Klonopin for a month or two, she's maintained her weight independently, broke up with her undeserving boyfriend, made new friends, applied to be a foreign exchange student next summer, endured a group interview for a scholarship, applied to 2 colleges, and sang a solo in a choir performance.

Recovery for her has been 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards. With a decent med, she's taken 10 steps forward.
d=18, R-AN, Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Refed at home with information gathered from this forum and lots of books. Relapsed. Refed. Relapsed. Refed. 17 sessions with an excellent individual therapist. 19 sessions with unhelpful dietician. 3 sessions of DBT (didn't like it). Psychiatrist available if needed. Prozac - fail. Lexapro - fail. 5HTP - fail. Clorazepam/Klonopin = major improvement, only used when necessary. Genomind SLC6A4 short/short - not able to process SSRI's.
d=15, lost 14 lbs in 8 months, Ped [nono]diagnosed as a crystal on a hair in the ear canal
My daughter takes sertraline, and I think it has helped a lot with her mood. Although still quite low, she can at least get enjoyment out of some activities that she couldn't before the medication. She was also on olanzapine and later risperidone but came off these as they didn't seem to be helping and they may have made her drowsy.
My d has been on fluoxetine for a year now for her anxiety. It has helped improve her mood and gave her the confidence to socialise in family gatherings. 3 months into taking her meds she also starting expressing more interest n enjoyment in food. Whether that was the meds or simply brain healing from maintained weight restoration i suppose we will never know. But she is far better at simple conversation ( she still isnt a great communicator or talker at home but maybe that is just her for now) and answering peoples questions.
Her psych introduced meds very gradually which i think meant she didnt suffer any side effects other than initial headaches and tiredness. They started her on 5mg for 10 days then 10mg for 10 days and then up to her current dose of 20mg.
The only problem is now when to try taking her off the meds because there always seems to be something that could cause her anxiety. She is final year of high school so weve decided not to stop it now with exams looming. But I know the transition to sixth form college will be very hard for my d. So thats the only problem with starting meds is working out how or if you can stop. But the benefits of her meds has been great generally.
My D is also on Sertraline for anxiety/depression - she started taking in March this year.  She has always said that it doesnt do a lot to help her, but she recently accidentally missed a couple of days (whilst away on holiday with friends without my watchful eye [rolleyes] ) and she said that her anxiety ramped up considerably.  Luckily, she was able to continue eating and started re-taking it by her own doing.  So it defintely does help.  Her dose has just been tweaked from 100mg to 150mg and she was happy with this increase - it has only been a week, so too early for any effects to be apparent, but she seems settled.  We are hoping that the meds will help her through the next couple of months, as she is prone to AN relapse in Jan/Feb each year - it seems to be cyclical, however, she has never been on medication when she has relapsed, so fingers (and everything else crossed) that Sertraline could break the cycle.

UK - South East

19 yo D

Dx AN Feb 2015 (Aged 15). Pre-existing low self-esteen and high anxiety. 

2015: 3 x medical hospital admissions. 1 month in IP which she self discharged from [eek].
2016: 3 x hospital admissions. 
2017: CAMHS CBT. WR, dropped out of 2 different colleges and started an apprenticeship.  Started having grand mal seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy in Nov 2017. Sacked from job because of this.  Tribunal ensued.
2018 - doing a Psychology degree through Open University and working in retail to pay her way in life. Relapses with eating disorder in June 18 and Nov 18 😢. 

On particularly rough days when I am sure I can't possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that's pretty good. [Author Unknown]
My D is on Wellbutrin and Prozac cocktail. I felt Prozac took away the suicidal ideation and the anxiety around food when we first tried it, but didn't really elevate the mood and took away any motivation or interest in most things.

Wellbutrin has helped with drowsiness and maybe a tiny bit with motivation, but it's also impacted her appetite for the worse, which is not good. I also do not think it's done anything to help her mood.  I'm in favor of medication if it helps because we need every tool we have got in our toolbox. We just haven't seemed to have found the right one. 

19 yo D. AN - since about 15 years old. WR quickly - but the last four years have been tough. Since Sept. 2017, two residential stays, now in IOP, fighting a relapse. ED is hanging on, mental state not great, can't get her to remain at a weight long enough or high enough to see mental healing. She's on a gap year that will likely now turn into two.