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Hello All...so, my D woke up this morning and asked me if I could pack a smaller lunch, bc her stomach hurt. I suggested to her that it was her ED talking to her, that if the food she ate this weekend bothered her, she would have reacted to it by now. I talked to her about how her ED will try to make her think that her tummy hurts, that she doesn't/shouldn't eat, etc. and that it is important that she eat even though it's tough, that she can do it, etc. Then, a few moments later, she upchucks. She said she feels better, and that she wants to go to school. Her father and I told her that she should wait an hour, try to eat her bfast, and if she can keep all that down, then she can go to school. She just threw up again, this time a bunch of bile. She hasn't eaten yet today. 
I think that she caught a bug, but I'm learning about ED as I go along, and I don't believe that she's making herself throw up. So I don't know what's going on. She's not going to school today, that's for sure, she certainly won't go anywhere until she's able to eat the meals prepared for her, which she is clearly not able to do, at least right now. So, I'm tending to her (I have the day off anyway, thank God) and will monitor her as the day goes on. 
Am I missing something friends? Is this the beginning of a purge cycle? It sounds crappy, but I hope that it's just a bug and not anything else.
It is really difficult working out if they have a tummy bug or if they are trying to fool us.

In this case it sounds like a tummy bug.  Keep fluids going until the sickness stops - someone posted about a special diet - bananas, rice, apples and something else I can't remember.

Keep her off school for a couple of days and monitor what is happening.  If we ourselves have a tummy bug, we have to give ourselves time to recover.  ED patients probably need more time off school than others, so that we can really be sure they are recovered and back on track before we send them off again.

Part of the problem is the slight drop in weight caused by a tummy bug can trigger the desire to restrict again and it is really important to stop that happening.  

You have to strike a balance between letting the tummy bug run its course, not forcing eating, and then deciding at what time to push back up to a full meal plan.

I don't think you have the beginning of a purge cycle because I think d would have been more secretive if she was going down that route.

Hope this helps.  Others with more experience will no doubt comment shortly.
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I don't know what part of the country you are in but in the Northeast US there is a nasty stomach bug going around.  My one D had it for 24 hours, my other D for 3 days.  If it is, you still need to get fluids down so keep up with clear liquids and soups and maybe some crackers for the day --- then tomorrow add back some more food to see if she keeps it down.  Hang in there. 
Sounds like a tummy bug. As others have said a short break, with making sure lots of fluids, and also using light diet to help keep nutrition going in. the T for Mel's BRAT diet is toast. (bananas, rice, apples and toast) . I am not sure that it is particularly better than any other diet for gastric upset. Most research papers seem to recommend bland foods (not spicy or fatty), plenty of fluids, and small amounts frequently. 

We have weathered several severe upsets during D's illness. They can go downhill rapidly if vomiting and can need to be medically assessed if things are not improving rapidly. Sometimes using medication for the nausea can be helpful too, we needed ondansetron (prescription). 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Mostly recovered 10 years later.  Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.