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Hi All,

You may be wondering what concrete steps you can take in order to keep your family safe from Covid19 during this time.
Like me, some of you may have been asked to stay at home to slow the spread. Like me, some of you may be in areas of great concern with significant disease spread. Or maybe you are watching what is happening in other places and want to be prepared.

I found this video to be reassuring and to have practical things we can all do to protect ourselves during these uncertain times. It is an hour long, so not short, but it covers a range of topics. The Dr. works in one of the hospitals in NYC with Covid19 infected patients. Click on the blue button where it says watch on Vimeo.

Stay safe everyone!



This is a great video. It really gives good information and practical advice.
Knowledge is power. I found it so useful to calm some of my anxieties, truly. Thanks Kali for posting this! 

You are NOT defenceless against this virus. You have more power that you to not get
infected  and to protect your family! Just like at the beginning of ED we felt we had not tools for combat, then we learned and grew strength. Learn what you can from
reputable sources.

The basic message of not going out in large groups, hand washing properly, don’t  touch your face, keep 6 feet away from
others you,  is going to work. It really will. 

If you are scared, I know a lot
of us are, please, please, please
reach out for help.  I know this is all surreal and  so unpredictable right now . It will just take time. Do what your public health teams tell you we will get through this.

When within yourself you find the road, the right road will open.  (Dejan Stojanovic)

Food+more food+time+love+good professional help+ATDT+no exercise+ state not just weight+/- the "right" medicine= healing---> recovery(--->life without ED)
Thanks for this Kali
yes this is long but has made me feel a lot less anxious about everything Covid19 related

2 important points WASH YOUR HANDS and 

stay safe everyone