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Hello Everyone,

Today I was looking for a custom T-shirt company and on the order form to design the T-shirt came an ad for a website that teaches you intermittent fasting to lose weight - with a drawing of a girl with a stomach that none of us ever want to see! I was so furious because this could trigger someone who possibly is stepping away from the ED world, or entice someone into it.  I sent the following email to the company:

To Whom It May Concern,

This type of website is so dangerous and the fact that you post fasting at a time when people are dying from eating disorders, and using your ideas of fasting as a springboard toward serious mental and physical illness is truly a disgrace.  I hope that you take your adds off products like T-shirts, and if you feel the need to explain to people, especially impressionable teens various ways to starve their bodies, that you would confine your suggestions to fasting websites so that they do not suddenly pop up and trigger unsuspecting readers.

Thank you for your time. I hope you will consider taking some social responsibility for your advertisements.

support@ eat-fit-mealplans.com is the email to which I sent my email.  After personally experiencing the devastation of ED in our family, and also witnessing it through the posts of so many, I do feel the need to speak out and let companies know that there is a danger in what they are posting.  Do I think it will change anything - well, not likely one email- but I am hopeful that if we all act when we see such triggers posted, especially on a page that really has nothing to do with diet - maybe we could jog the thoughts of at least one person who is in charge of advertising somewhere. Yes, I know it's somewhat futile - but if many people keep there eyes open and the their keyboards ready - perhaps together we could help someone avoid being sucked into those types of sites.

Thank you for listening - I guess when you have experienced such horror you just want to try to be part of a solution and protect others.


Needhelp it is great that you are feeling so motivated to help try to change attitudes and behaviours of society and the normalisation of dieting and the thin ideal. If you are keen on doing more of this sort of work enthusiasm can always be used by FEAST. Our volunteer coordinator is currently unwell but if you are keen to do more then please get in touch and I will give you her email so she can get back to you when she is well. 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Initially weight restored 2012. Relapse and continuously edging towards recovery. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
Well done needhelp! Expertly worded email.
D fell down the rabbit hole of AN at age 11 after difficulty swallowing followed by rapid weight loss. Progressing well through recovery, but still climbing our way out of the hole.