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Does anyone in the UK/ anywhere have experience of going from a CAMHS inpatient unit to an adult unit?
There is a possibility that my daughter may be being transferred at 17.5 to allow for continuity in therapists when she is discharged to the community. The therapy is now more for comorbid symptoms that are preventing her stopping the purging. At present there are no suitable adult services where we live, but in the next county (the border less than 2 minutes walk from our house) there are. She would need an admission to then qualify for their outpatient service. The unit would be 15 mins from our house. It also happens that her present consultant works there too.
I can see lots of positives but am petrified of her being with lots of older people. As you can see it is keeping me awake.
Dear Yellowcaty,

The unit my d. was on had a range of age groups and my daughter who was 17 when she went in and 18 when she came out, was one of the younger patients. There were also some women in their 30s and 40s who had been struggling for a long time. It was a small group of only about 8-10 patients, and she became close to one girl her age, and two of the women. I was up there a lot visiting so I met them also.

I think it made her determined to try and get well when she saw up close how the illness had affected their lives. (Even though that proved to be more difficult that she had realized) Afterwards, she was in a step down program which had lots of teens, and she found them immature.

I hope you will sleep better tonight!


Thanks Kali

It is a 15 bed unit and the majority of patients at the moment are 18-25. One of my concerns is that she is WR and her unit do take them to a good weight, although I know it won’t be enough. She will have to mix with people who are physically much worse than her and I’m not sure if this will trigger anymore ED thoughts. She also still seems quite young even though she is mature.
I just thought after 6 months in IP we might be on our way up, but we obviously still have a long way to go.
I know I say it every time, but does this nightmare ever end. One positive I did find in the middle of the night is that I will have so much experience to share and support I can offer when we are through this.
When my daughter was placed as a young person on an adult unit (in the U.S.) I was worried.  But she (and I) found the atmosphere better than in the adolescent unit.  There was much less of the competitive "sicker than thou" posturing that can happen with teen girls despite the staff's best efforts.

She also realized she wasn't just going to grow out of AN because it is a "teenage disease."  She also saw some of the impact of long term illness.  While she intellectually understood  the risks- that is different from talking daily to someone who is suffering from permanent irreversible health consequences of this dreadful illness.