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Hi all,

Been lurking and reading here for a while but first time posting.
A bit of background: D is 26, has suffered from depression and RAN on and off for around 10 years. Has had significant periods (ie years) of being at a healthy weight and self-managing intake. Currently, D lives independently, works, is not financially supported by H and I, and has a 5 year old D whom she parents with unbelievable dedication and her D is thriving.

However - over the past 18 months D's RAN has come back with a vengeance, it's worse than it's ever been. Approximately 12 months ago, D's GP had her placed under medical guardianship with a private guardian. Given my D's stubborn nature, and the nature of ED treatment facilities in NSW, the guardianship order did absolutely nothing, I was blocked out of all medical / psychological information regarding her treatment and as far as I know she has not been under any kind of treatment team since the order was put in place. She refuses to engage with a psychologist / psychiatrist and also refuses regular medical monitoring. When the order was put in place, her BMI was 14.5, BGL was around 2.7mmol/L and a 24hr holter monitor showed a short run of atrial flutter. Despite this, and her GP pushing for inpatient treatment, D refused, continued to parent her daughter excellently and stopped seeing this particular GP. The guardianship order did not provide any powers of coercion to enforce treatment, either public or private.

Fastforward to now, D managed to maintain a low but stable weight on her own for some of the past 12 months but has slipped again. I know nothing of her current vital signs but from my experience her BMI cannot be much more than 16.

I guess my question is - what options are out there for D? Given that guardianship cannot actually enforce anything (or am I wrong here? Do others have experience?) is there any way forward for her or is she destined to be a slave to this for the forseeable future? She is absolutely fabulous with her D, they are very closely connected and have a warm, loving relationship. With us, however, she is short, absent, abrupt and her mood seems markedly depressed.

Can any other parents with adult children in NSW (or otherwise) shed some light?
Hi everhopeful - 

I'm sorry, but I don't have any suggestions for you - I know others here have dealt with adult sufferers, and I bet someone will have some ideas.

I just wanted to say welcome - so sorry you needed to find us here. It sounds like your d has a lot to live for - perhaps the love she has for her d can be harnessed in some way?

Hang in there.


"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
Dear everhopeful,

For a while our D lived in Sydney & within walking distance from Butterfly Foundation. She attended the weekend sessions & found that really helpful.

There are also a couple of specialist eating disorder psychology places one is Bodymatters

ED Dad
Guardianship has been used to get a number of adult NSW patients into Northside clinic. Their eating disorders program has had experience with it in the past. Perhaps you could get in touch with their clinical director for more information? 

It is my understanding that as Northside clinic is a private facility with an open door policy, the are unable to hold an adult aganst their will, despite the existence of a guardianship order. Is this not the case in your experience?

AUSSIEedfamily - thanks for that link I will definitely look into it