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Hi all! I haven't posted anything for a couple of months so I thought I'd just provide an update on my Ds recovery...we are still in relapse prevention...yes there have been times over the past 5 months when she has been on shaky ground and could of easily fallen back down the rabbit hole but with ongoing support from her team she has fortunately remained upright...for which I am truly grateful for...she is beginning to implement strategies independently and only this week after reading one of her journals that she kept when she was deep in the rabbit hole did she say " Mum, I was really sick wasn't I?" My d as some of you might remember also SHed and ended up in hospital...I'm so happy to be able to share with you that, that was 5 months ago and she hasn't cut since...there are times when the urge to either purge or cut has come up but she is winning the battle and learning to recognise her triggers.
I just want to thank all of you who supported me when I was first introduced to ED...I was terrified for my D and honestly couldn't see my way out of the craziness that had become my world. You guys were like an anchor for me as I learnt to battle ED. You gave me the weapons and encouraged me to keep battling the monster who was trying to steal my D...if it wasn't for the support that I got on this forum I can definitely say I would have had no idea how to beat this illness...the war isn't over yet but we are winning the battle. Thankyou for your direction when my I was lost, for giving me hope when I had none, for giving me courage when I was so scared and for being my friends when I felt so alone...
Forever Grateful
Aussie xxx
PS...love and hugs to all who are just beginning this journey...

A fabulous update Aussie, thank you.
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