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Dear ATDT,

I have a very pleasing opportunity to participate in a carers group at a local in-patient program.

I was invited by the in-patient team to join the carers session. Feed back from the nurses faciltaing the session & from the parent/carers/supports was very positive.

A feel good moment.
ED Dad
... which reminds me... way back in the spring I went to see the person responsible for rolling out FBT in Leeds and he suggested I join a similar group to help with feedback, but I never heard back from him - and also I got stuck in the PTSD so would have been unable to do anything. I might just get in touch with him again to see how things are going. I hope I didn't put him off by my enthusiasm for Leeds' FBT plans!! Mind you, I think I was more than a little bit scared of meeting up with our old psych again who is playing a key role in the FBT implementation (the fact that she's now an FBT guru is excellent news, though).

Good on you, AussieEDfamily!
Bev Mattocks, mother of 24-year old male DX with RAN 2009, now recovered. Joined this forum in 2010 - it was a lifesaver.
Its great to be able to give back. Excellent job AussieEDfamily. Our insight as carers can be very beneficial.
I would definitely say chase it BattyMattyUK. It seems that these sorts of things seem to move very slowly. It will be good for your PTSD too im sure.
Our health care trust has all these intiatives for carers to be involved in interview panels, staff training and research projects etc. Ive put my name forward to be on QI project thats going to look into waiting times for ED patients. Its been months now and still nothing has come from it but I'm biding my time and keep mentioning it. Hopefully something will come of it one day.

So here is the written feedback

I hear that you attended our ED carers' group a few weeks ago.  I have received some really good feedback about the session both from the group co-facilitators and attendees alike.  The consensus is that people benefited from hearing from a dad's perspective and other knowledge you had to share.  We feel that your contribution helped compliment the input from the facilitators and attendees themselves.
We are currently aiming to run two groups per month.  So, following discussion with the rest of the ED team, we feel that to have you attend a group quarterly would be ideal to share your knowledge and experience.  We find that many carers attend a number of groups whilst their loved one is an inpatient so we think this timing will help capture a good number of attendees.
Are you able to attend another group in March / April 2017? 
Thanks again for your time, energy and interest in our program.  We look forward to continuing working with you in 2017.
This was the IP place that our D attended before relapse. Thanks to some changes there over the past few years, they now are a family/parent/carer inclusive/collaborative place. The changes I believe have partly been as a result of family/parent/carer advocacy to this place for change.
ED Dad