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Hi all,

My d was diagnosed with AN a month ago today.  We treated it aggressively (6 days hospital and the rest of the time with FBT methods).  She has gained 20 lbs in one month and within a pound or two to WR given by the nutritionist.  

Is it possible to gain too much weight too fast?  She has been on board with all of the food and meals and has not resisted or had any complaints.  But just this morning said that she wants to stop gaining and feels like she is a good weight.  Her BMI is now in the normal range - 19.   I actually kind of agree with her but feel like I've been so wrong so many time recently about this whole new disease that I just don't trust myself.

We see the doctor on Friday but just wanted to hear from you all - the experts in the field.


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No it's not too much. That's awesome!
And this is very important: your daughter is 13.5 correct? You are not just refeeding back to some number, you are feeding for growth and puberty and will be for years. And you would be amazed at 1) how quickly your daughter can lose weight by cutting down on calories and 2) how much getting back to a decent weight will ramp up growth. It happened to me and to anyone I know who fed through this age... they grow and lose weight. You have to stay on top if it. Keep feeding. Don't drastically cut back on calories and keep the fats up. Don't give back independent eating too quickly. Baby steps. Stay the course. Time is in your side.

Persistent, consistent vigilance!

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It would appear that you have managed a gain of around 2.5kg or 5lbs per week. This is not too much, but if it is not where she needs to be then it does need to keep going. It is possible that all the weight is not genuine weight gain either. Is it likely that you have been feeding for this sort of gain, and is there a possibility of things like water loading - commonly used and with some techniques undetectable, or using weights to increase gain. 

As mamabear has said she will be needing to gain weight for some time. If 13 she should also be closely watched for growth as this can be rapid at this age. 

D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13.5. Weight restored July 2012. Relapse and now clawing our way back. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.

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Please watch this presentation, I wish I had it whaE my kid was just diagnosed, it covers a LOT!

Son,DX with AN, (purging type) in 2015 ,had 4 months immediate inpatient,then FBT at home since. He is now in very strong recovery,  and Living life to the full, like a "normal"[biggrin] teen. This is with thanks to ATDT. Hoping to get him into full recovery and remission one day at a time. Getting him to a much higher weight, and with a much higher calorie plan than his clinicians gave him as a target, was instrumental to getting him to the strong recovery that he is in now. Food is the medicine. Recovery is possible.
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