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Wow, we had the same issue with my d. arguing about how she didn't want to drink full-fat milk. Somehow I managed to make it clear over time that there would be NO items in our house that were diet, skim, low fat, sugarless, less than full fat, etc. It was not easy and it did not happen overnight, but I stood my ground and have insisted that she continue to drink the full-fat products. I refused to buy the lower calorie items and when she complained I said "this is what we have," poured her a glass of milk and changed the subject. It did take awhile and there were repeated incidents of back and forth discussion about full fat vs. low fat.

My d refused to drink full-fat milk because it was a too strong taste. I guess they want to give an alternative. I didn't believe when my d told me it was on the list as well.



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My D was re-fed to weight restoration when she was first diagnosed without a FBT therapist. Now, I didn't know she wasn't an FBT therapist, and had I realized it sooner, we would have moved on right away, but the real catalyst was the ED dietician who enforced Maudsley. She insisted that my daughter's only job was to eat what we gave her. She was not allowed in the kitchen, not allowed to ask about ingredients. Just show up and eat. Amen!

My D loved and still loves her ED dietician, and I credit her with getting my daughter's buy-in to eating. She gave her the Minnesota starvation study to read and comment on. She gave her medical information on how no food is good or bad. She listened to her and addressed the myths she would come in with about meat, dairy, etc. with scientific information back. She was fully prepared to take on ED, and did.  She was more the therapist than the therapist. So, we fired the ED therapist, stuck with the ED dietician, and my D has an adherent DBT therapist. To help with coping with anxiety and depression. We are not out of the woods by any means, but her team is better now than it was when first diagnosed.

So, if you can get an FBT therapist, great. If you can't, just have other team members who 100% support you in magic plate and a high enough weight for restoration. That's really the most important pieces.

17 yo D. Diagnosed in July 2013. W/R in Sept. 2013 and has remained so. Roller coaster on and off since, mainly with ED under control but co-morbid depression and other negative coping mechanisms making our life hell. Trusting in God for daily strength and wisdom.
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