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Beans,  keep up the good work!  In your shoes, since your D is motivated to stay in school, I would make her breakfast and lunch the most calorific meals of the day but I would make them "easier" for her and less of her trigger foods.  Save the trigger foods for dinner or night snack when you have support at home from your H.   So how to get those calories up?  For breakfast, a glass of whole milk with some added heavy whipping cream (HWC).  I didn't want my D to see the HWC in our fridge so I poured it into a coffee-mate bottle.  A large bowl of oatmeal (also made with whole milk and cream in the microwave before she comes down for breakfast).  Add some fresh berries on top to make is look "healthy".   A slice of buttered bread (look at labels, some bread is really high in calories).  That doesn't seem like much but it can really pack a large calorific punch!   Now for lunch when you show up at school, always have a smoothie for her drink.  My D was really motivated to go back into school on time so she drank the smoothie without too much fuss.   At first I brought her a Panera smoothie so she knew what it was.  Then after a few days I said they were getting expensive and I could make my own.   Make your smoothie with nosa or liberte yogurt or the Trader Joe brand makes a great one!  Make a sandwich on thick bread.  My D doesn't like mayo so I would use hummus (mixed with some canola oil) as the spread.  Then lots of cheese and meat.  Plus a small desert, maybe 2 cookies unless they are her fear foods.  I would bring yogurt covered pretzels or banana chips as her dessert, both seem easy but they are really caloric.  My D needed about 3500 calories a day for weight gain.   Just keep feeding!  That's the only way through this illness.   You've got this! [smile]
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