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I have a friend who currently lives in the United States. She is actually this week attending the Center for Balanced Living's 5 Day program in Columbus, Ohio. She is 31 years old and going to be beginning a Masters program in Muenster, Germany beginning in October. She has a few questions about health insurance and treatment options in Germany. Any help or links you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

1. Is a dietitian covered under public health insurance?
2. Are there BMI requirements in order to receive treatment? If not, what is involved in being able to get a dietitian?
3. If it isn't covered under insurance, how much does a private dietitian cost? 
4. How would you go about finding a dietitian?

Her current therapist is willing to continue to see her through Skype. Fortunately, her therapist is actually attending a full day with her at CBL which I think will be amazingly helpful. At this point, she isn't sure what to do about the dietitian piece. I have tried to do some research online for her but haven't had a whole lot of luck. Her BMI is in the 'normal' (whatever that means) range even though she has had many years of restrictive eating. 

On a side note, I would like to thank the organizers of this forum. I have been reading it for a while as an ED sufferer (now in pretty solid recovery). I found out about CBL here and the program was a life changer. I am 47 and had struggled pretty much my whole teenage and adult life to some degree or another. This website prepared me to be super receptive to the information I received at CBL. So thanks to moderators and participants.

My prayer now is to help my friend. I am not her official support at CBL because of logistic. 

Thanks in advance for any information you can share.

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so regarding your questions:

1. A dietician is covered only if your doctor "prescribes" it, for example you can get a referal when you have a disease for which a dietician is required. Sometimes you nned to pay a certain percentage of the costs. You have to make sure to go to a "Diätassistentin" or "Ökotrophologin" though, as only these have a degree in nutrition. "Ernährungsberater" (Nutritionist) is something anyone can call themself.
2. I am not sure what you mean by a BMI being required for treatment, but there are many clinics which only take patients once they have a certain BMI.
3. This is very individual, I would say around 60-80€ per hour.
4. Here is the homepage of the VDD, the Association for Registered Dieticians in Germany:

There you can type in your city, postal code etc and search.

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Hi justafriend,
it depends on what kind of insurance you choose. There is "gesetzliche Krankenversicherung" which covers mostly the same things but each insurance has "specials". For example some pay for homeopathy and some not. If you have an ED, the insurance normally pays "Ernährungsberatung" when a doctor prescribes it, as mersmak said. But be careful, its right that in Germany anyone could call themself "Ernährungsberater" if he´s able to chew....[biggrin]
You don´t need to have a special BMI, you just have to tell the doctor that you are recovered Ed patient (maybe you can take a letter from your doctor in US).
ED treatment is in the middle ages in Germany, knowbody knows anything about FBT or so. I sometimes feel we are ET because we seem to be the only family doing that. So don´t set too much hope in doctors and psychiatrics here...if her therapist could see her through skype that will be the best.
Best hospital near Münster could be the Uni Klinikum Duisburg-Essen which is about 100 km apart from Münster. They were part of the team which discovered AN to be genetic on chromosom 12 some months ago.
So they seem to have some information about that disease.
I live in Germany, if she has problems, she could contact me if she wants.
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