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I understand that with an ED there is often co-morbids.  I'd be interested in others that may be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder as well.  

My D is about to start DBT to assist her with this.  Have you/they found it successful?  Has your child been responsive to DBT with their ED and BPD?  Is this a common co-morbid?

Also my D has abused laxatives in the past and now has a weak bowel and needs to take Movicol and at times a suppository to do No. 2's.  Do you know if the bowel muscle can become strong again?  Has anybody had experience with this side effect?


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Hi keepfighting,
my d was diagnosed anorexic this time last year.  she got through it and was on her way to eating normally when just recently bpd reared it's ugly head and she was hospitalized for 6 weeks.  she was self-harming and had suicidal thoughts.  while in hospital, she participated in dbt workshops and these really helped her, more than previous cbt therapy did.  One aspect of dbt that she really attached to was mindfulness.  she really seems to relate well to this seems to me to be similar to meditation and really helps keep her 'thoughts' at bay.  She is still a very black and white thinker (typical of bpd) but is doing better.  She recently asked us to take control of plating her food again as the ed thoughts were back telling her she is fat and not to eat.  this was huge for her to do as she would never have expressed this before.
My d's doctor seems to think that the bpd actually cam first and the ed is the co-morbid behaviour.
not sure if this is helpful , but feel free to email me if you want to chat more.
I can't speak to the bowel issues, hopefully someone will come along soon who can.

Mom Up North

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We found DBT really helpful for our ED D, for out S with anxiety and for us as parents.  We did not participate in a pure DBT therapy program with 24/7 support - ours was a series of DBT education/discussion workshops over several months.  In addition to that group, our D did a lot of DBT in hospital. 

The concepts have been helpful and in our case, have given us a good frame of reference to manage black and white thinking, mind reading and to help with distress tolerance.  Some of the other concepts were not as relevant for our particular situation but were good reminders of how to be positive and straight forward in interpersonal communications.  Having said that, for us, DBT was not a magic bullet but just one more thing in our tool box that has helped us all be mindful of how we perceive what's going on and to be good communicators about navigating the stress/distress we experience.  For our ED D with BPD traits, it has helped to build her skills  - she is able to catch herself more quickly when negative thoughts arise and has become a very clear communicator.  So for us, it was worthwhile.

Not much experience with laxatives - so sorry, can't comment on that.
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