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Hi. My D is 14 and WR for a few month. We have more good days now than bad. One of the biggest problems is her poor body image. She had that even before the AN, but not as bad as now. She is constantly body checking herself. T says she needs to stop this compulsion and it would help with body obsession. She understands it, but can't do it. We live in Los Angeles and I would like to find good therapist for her to help with self esteem and body image. Not FBT as we have a good one. And maybe some advise how to help her.. as she is so sad and unhappy.

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If she is only weight recovered for a few months, then it is really too soon to see any kind of change in her body image problems.  I think all you can do is minimize the opportunities and give it time.  All of the mirrors in our house are half mirrors so no body checking that way.  I would remind her when you see her doing it not too and reduce the opportunity in any way you can.  The other issue is that her body will change shape so the way it is now is not the way she will look in six months to a year.  Weight goes on the abdomen and then is redistributed so trying to work on her body image now might not help at all.

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Hi there ,
I am with MJKZ, 
We took all mirrors down and just had a small bathroom mirror in our house, this helped the constant checking, however here is the million dollar question.
Is she truly weight restored? It is a common error in eating disorder treatment to set the target weight too low, therefore the behaviours do not abate.

My S was given a target WR age 14 of bmi 19. He still had behaviour exactly as you describe and was on the verge of relapse daily. I had to fire his AN specialist dietitian and bring him up to bmi 24/25 to get him into real recovery.
I added butter,cream and canola to his meals, his brain started to to function so much better.. 

As the weight went up, the behaviours started melting away...
Also your D needs to keep gaining weight right up to her 20's.
I am just throwing this out there in case it is relevant to you, as this is a very common issue in recovery.

Son,DX with AN, (purging type) in 2015 ,had 4 months immediate inpatient,then FBT at home since. He is now in strong recovery,  and Living life to the full, like a "normal"[biggrin] teen. This is with thanks to ATDT. Hoping to get him into full recovery and remission one day at a time. Getting him to a much higher weight, and with a much higher calorie plan than his clinicians gave him as a target, was instrumental to getting him to the strong recovery that he is in now. Food is the medicine.

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I agree with mjkz and toothfairy.

It take time (much more time than anyone would like), and adequate weight (often, significantly more weight than anyone expects).

Also, it is possible / likely that she was starting down the AN rabbit hole much earlier than anyone realized so that her poor body image pre-ED might actually have been the first ED symptom to appear.

Maybe add another 5 to 10 pounds and see if that helps.  What can it hurt? xx


"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
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